Terms of Use


In these terms and conditions the following words have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise:

"App" means Our TimePeace mobile application available at www.timepeaceapp.org (or such other URL that We may use to provide the Service from time to time), the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store;

"Content" means all of the content that is posted by a User or TimePeace on the App;

"Responsibility" means the liability of any nature including but not limited to any and all damages, claims, proceedings, actions, awards, expenses, costs and any other losses and/or liabilities;

“Service" means the service provided by us to you including allowing you to; access to the App,  browse and use the App, contact and be contacted by other members through the App and post Content on the App; 

“TimePeace” means the company who makes the App and is a company limited by guarantee with company number 10644671 and registered office at Flat 3 74 Dartmouth Park Hill, London, United Kingdom, N19 5HU but may also refer to the digital tokens exchanged by Users of the App in return for the provision of sessions or reviews, as the context requires (each, a “TimePeace”); and 

“User” means any individual, or representative of an organisation that registers to host or participate in sessions on the TimePeace App.  

Your Account

To use the App you must not:

  • be younger than eighteen (18) years of age;
  • have been convicted of any offence relating to violence or any offence under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (or under any statutory enactment replacing and/or amending such Act);
  • have been subject to any injunction or any order to pay damages under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (or under any statutory enactment replacing and/or amending such Act);
  • be registered as a sexual offender under the Sexual Offences Act 2003;
  • let anyone else set up or post Content on your profile;
  • use the App for any illegal activity;
  • post Content which is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or misleading; or
  • fail to update information when it becomes inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or misleading.

If you fall under any of the above bullet points either before or during your TimePeace membership, we may immediately block, suspend or terminate your account.

Your profile

When setting up your profile, you should think carefully about what Content you post and try to represent yourself fairly.  You understand and agree that we will make any Content you post to your profile available for everyone to see.


You have responsibility to :

  • read and comply with these terms and conditions and our policies on privacy and safety 
  • keep your password private and do your best to protect against unauthorised access to the device you use to access the App;
  • immediately change your password and let us know if the device you use to access the App is lost, stolen, or accessed without your permission, or if your username or password are used without your permission. You can let us know by emailing support@timepeaceapp.org;
  • be honest and truthful when completing your profile, particularly with respect to your identity, experience or capabilities;
  • try your best to stick to any plans to attend session with other members, and contribute to those sessions in the way you agreed;
  • leave appropriate ratings on the profiles of other members after attending sessions.  If it was a good session, leave a good review.  If the session was not as you expected, leave a poor review and/or contact us at: support@timepeaceapp.org;
  • let us know immediately if you become aware of any inappropriate behaviour on the Service; and
  • use reasonable judgement  to check that the Users you meet via the App are legitimate before organising a session.

You must not:

  • post any illegal Content or Content that would contravene someone else’s rights (including privacy rights), or Copyrighted material, without their consent).  If you are not sure, check with us first by emailing: support@timepeaceapp.org;
  • use the app for commercial trading; attempt to sell products and/or services; or charge any fee at any point when using the App;
  • share or ask other members to share bank details;
  • share or ask other members to share personal information, except where necessary to use the Services and as permitted under these terms and conditions;
  • misuse the App or any Content on the App;
  • include the Service within another external website without our written permission;
  • set up a profile for someone else without their permission;
  • attempt to hack the App or anyone else’s account;
  • copy any Content from the App without permission;
  • post any junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any similar or fraudulent schemes;
  • give, sell or let anyone else use your account, password or profile;
  • use, access, or publish the App without consent;
  • post any sexually explicit, vulgar, indecent, racist, abusive, invasive of another's privacy, offensive, harmful, threatening, harassing, stalking, inflammatory, sexually suggestive, defamatory and/or obscene content;
  • post any images with guns
  • post any Content which is capable of offending others’ political and/or religious beliefs; or encourage or promote any activity that violates these Terms & Conditions.

The Service

This is a non-profit service and so our financial circumstances may vary, limiting our ability to optimise the Service. 
We do not actively monitor the Content that members post and so can’t guarantee that the Service is accurate or reliable. You use the Service at your own risk and should follow our Safety Tips guidelines found in the app.

We cannot guarantee that the Service will always be available and uninterrupted but we will try to rectify serious faults as soon as is practical. We may make changes (so long as they do not seriously affect the quality of the Service) and may suspend the Service at any point for repair, maintenance or other technical reasons.

We may delete messages if your account is suspended or terminated. If you wish to save your messages you should take steps to back up and store them yourself. 

We may copy and use any Content posted to your profile.  We may review, amend and delete your profile if necessary. All personal data contained in the information you provide when setting up your account and the Content you post is subject to our privacy policy.

Cancellation, Termination and Suspension

You may cancel your account at any time. To do so contact us at support@timepeaceapp.org. 

We may suspend or terminate your account immediately if you breach these terms and conditions; post anything that could be damaging to the TimePeace brand or other members; or fail to respond when we ask for information to determine the accuracy of any Content you post.

Limitation of our Responsibility

We will have no Responsibility:

  • for any defect or delay in the Service caused or contributed to by you, any other member or factors outside of our control; for your reliance on any Content posted by other members;
  • to you arising out of any User’s misuse of Content posted by you or other members;
  • TimePeace makes no representation or warranties as to the background or conduct of its Users; 
  • to you if that Responsibility is covered by any policy of insurance; 
  • to you for any: consequential, special or indirect losses; economic and/or other similar losses (including loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings);
  • or damage to or loss of goodwill, reputation or data;
  • to you for the presence of any offensive Content on the Service.

You will give us reasonable opportunity to remedy any breach of these terms and conditions before we have Responsibility. You should mitigate any loss, damage, costs or expenses that you may suffer. We do not limit our Responsibility for death, personal injury or fraud or any other Responsibility which we are not permitted to limit by law. This section applies to our directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, agents and affiliated companies as well as to us.

General terms

We may amend these terms and conditions at any time. If we do, the amended version will be posted on the terms and conditions section of the App so you should check this section often.

These terms and conditions along with the privacy policy constitute the entire agreement between you and us.

If a competent authority finds any part of these terms and conditions to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the other parts and the remainder of the affected part will not be affected.

We may assign our rights and duties under these terms and conditions; you may not do so without our permission.

We will contact you by email using the most recent email you provided and you may contact us by email using support@timepeaceapp.org. 

These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Effective date

The Terms were last updated on: Tuesday 3rd July 2018.