I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker who has been recently published in TIME, Independent and Moscow Times. As well as a teacher who researched extensively and volunteered in refugee camps across Europe. I decided to take on a different approach, as I felt there was a real need for a more long term solution when addressing the refugee crisis. This is how I came up with the idea of TimePeace. As a Chinese Masters graduate from the University of Edinburgh, I have been working and living in countries all around the world. This has helped me develop my language skills and adapt to living and working alongside people from different cultures and backgrounds.



I am a civil servant specialising in digital and technology, with experience in the Department for Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office. I previously worked for the Next Century Foundation, a think tank focusing on the Middle East, where I was involved in monitoring casualty figures in the deteriorating Syrian civil war. I studied History, Economics and Politics at Durham University and wrote my dissertation on the media's role in the Syrian uprising. When Charlotte approached me to launch TimePeace, I was immediately attracted by the opportunity to tackle the issues of integration through technology and the sharing economy.



I am a marketeer turned humanitarian & refugee advocate. After 4.5 years in Australia, working in advertising on global brands - KFC, Coke, Skyscanner - as a strategist, I briefly returned home to London before moving to Calais. What was meant to be a weekend volunteering in the notorious “Jungle” turned into 7 months on the ground running aid operations and engaging the international media. It was in Calais that I met Charlotte and she asked me to help her make her idea of TimePeace a reality! I currently split my time between TimePeace, an internship in House of Lords and volunteering in refugee camps.