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International Dish - Coming Soon!

We teamed up with producer Deborah Frances-White (The Guilty Feminist) and presenter Ned Sedgwick (BBC Radio4’s GrownUpLand) to bring you an exciting series on refugees sharing their favourite native dishes. If you’d like to make these dishes yourself then check out our recipes page!

Episode 1: Fatma


Full episode coming soon.

Cook Fatma’s Salta recipe.

Follow Fatma on instagram @fatmavsfood and her Yemeni Pop-up @meatmeatfatmas

Star Guests with The Spontaneity Shop and TimePeace

TimePeace teamed up with The Spontaneity Shop and other amazing podcast presenters to bring you an interesting array of episodes you just HAVE to listen to!


Episode 1: Adam and Hassan

Listen to Hassan Akkad talk about his journey from Syria to London on the Adam Buxton Podcast here

Follow Hassan Akkad on instagram @hassanakkad or twitter and follow Adam Buxton on his website or twitter @adambuxton


Episode 2: Steve Ali and Global Pillage

Listen to Steve Ali talk to comedian Deborah Frances-White among others on The Global Pillage Podcast here or check out the other episodes with Steve here and here.

Follow The Global Pillage podcast on here and Deborah Frances-White on her Instagram @dfdubz and @theguiltyfeminist

Follow Steve Ali on instagram @steveali or check out his silversmith work on @road_from_damascus