TimePeace is a welcoming community for refugees, asylum seekers and locals to message, meet up, share skills and do activities together. These Community Guidelines, Safety Tips, Cultural Tips, Support Links and our Terms & Conditions are designed to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

We're a very diverse community. This means you should respect other people's beliefs and interests. TimePeace takes a strong stance against hate speech, rude or abusive behaviour, bullying, harassment, discrimination and misogyny.

Everyone in the community has a responsibility to help create and maintain an environment that is enjoyable and safe for all. Please do report any concerns or complaints with us at

Failure to stick to the rules may result in being removed from the TimePeace community.

Community Guidelines

TimePeace is for people over the age of 18 only. As a member of our community we expect you to:

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity

  • Be aware of how your behaviour may affect others, and if necessary, change it

  • Do not use TimePeace as a dating platform. Any unwelcome romantic advances or inappropriate acts will not be tolerated.

  • Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Please do not post photos that are not of you. If you suspect a profile is fake please report it.

  • Do not share material that may be considered offensive or inappropriate; this includes images of guns, shirtless/ underwear photos or images of kids on their own.

  • Do not do anything illegal in our community

  • Do not try to sell goods or services. TimePeace is not a marketplace.

  • Do not ask for money or donations.

  • Please report any concerns you have to the TimePeace team at

Safety Tips

Meeting new people is exciting, but it is important to be safe. Your safety is a priority, but remember you are in control of your TimePeace experience.

How are we keeping you safe?

  • The slack workspace for our TimePeace community is invitation only.

  • We collect key information on every member - full name, age, email, phone number, current city.

  • We have a two-factor authentication process

  • We have a Community Guidelines that every member must agree to before they join the community.

  • We have information on Safety Tips, Cultural Tips, Meet up Advice and clear reporting channels

  • We use plug-ins to block inappropriate images, but this is not 100% fool proof, so we ask our community to self-moderate and report anything that is not appropriate

  • We have a team of TimePeace representatives available for our members to talk to about any questions they may have. Our representatives are identified by "Admin" after their name eg. Gracie Admin

Remember you are in control of your TimePeace experience, so please read our Community Guidelines and follow our safety steps:

  • Keep conversations to the platform. Use Direct Messaging to communicate with other members. Do not give out your phone number or personal details.

  • Meet in a public place for the first time.

  • Tell your friends or family where and when you are going to meet someone

  • Report any inappropriate behaviour to the team at

Not sure what to report? Please tell us about anyone who you think is breaking our Community Guidelines by messaging us in the Slack workspace @timepeace or sending us an email at

If in doubt, remember it is always better to let us know about an issue, however big or small.

Cultural Tips

What’s the difference between a ‘refugee’ and an ‘asylum seeker’?

People tend to use the term ‘refugee’ for asylum seekers and refugees, but there are key differences in terms of legal status and restrictions.

  • A ‘refugee’ is someone who has been granted ‘right to remain’ (refugee status) for usually 5 years and they are legally allowed to work. However, many struggle to get employment and live on benefit. Please be aware that offering people casual work or cash in-hand can cause them to lose access to their benefits. Please seek professional advice if you are interested in supporting refugee employment.

  • An ‘asylum seeker’ is still in the process of their asylum application. Seeking asylum can take years of representations, rejections and appeals. It is a tough process. They cannot work during this period.

What is life like for an asylum seeker?

Life for asylum seekers is tough. Usually they live in hostels, share houses or spare rooms in private accommodation. They have very little money (they receive approx. £5 a day to cover food, clothes, transport) and are not allowed to work. This means that usually they very little opportunity to socialise with locals, other than through official appointments with caseworkers or lawyers, tend to get stuck inside their homes and very bored.

What if someone asks me to help them?

TimePeace is skill sharing and networking platform, not a support service. Refugees and asylum seekers will typically face many complex problems, from navigating the immigration process to accessing education. These require expert advice and it can be unhelpful (and even illegal in some instances) for locals to offer their advice.

As a member of TimePeace it is not your responsibility to solve other people’s problems. Instead we ask you to use our Support Links in the section below to direct others to professional support. In this section you will find links to many useful organisations e.g. housing, employment etc.

What’s appropriate behaviour? Be respectful of different cultures and beliefs

We all come from different backgrounds and some members may have also undertaken tough journeys fleeing from war and persecution. We want you to learn about other people’s cultures so ask questions and share your culture, but always be respectful.

Here are some top tips when meeting someone new:

  • Be sensitive to people’s personal experiences and don’t start by asking personal or political questions

  • Be respectful in how you dress and how tactile you are when meeting new people (e.g. a kiss on each cheek may be the standard greeting in France but it considered inappropriate elsewhere)

  • Ask in advance about any dietary requirements or religious observations (e.g. kosher, halal, vegan, no alcohol)

  • Use your common sense. If you are unsure don’t be afraid to ask.

Talking and messaging?

For some members English will be their second or third language. Try to use simple language and ask people to explain in a different way if you don’t understand.

Some tips:

  • Use short sentences.

  • Send multiple short messages than one long message

  • Do not use slang or local expressions (this can be a fun conversation topic)

  • Do not keep messaging someone or get upset if they take a long time to reply or do not reply at all. We are all busy and can forget! Wait up to 2 days before chasing or try messaging someone else.

  • Report bad or offensive language to the team at

Choosing where to meetup

Some members may not know how to get to places as well as others. They may not be familiar with using the transport system e.g. where to buy a ticket, what type of ticket to buy or how to get from A to B. Please be aware of this and always check that both of you know where and when you are meeting.

Some tips:

  • Meet somewhere nearby and where you both know when you first meet (you can always travel on together).

  • Choose somewhere that is easy to access by public transport (buses are usually the cheapest) as public transport can be expensive when you are not working

  • Suggest a time and the best transport route from where they live

  • Try sending the meeting location via Google maps

  • Make sure your first meeting is in a public space and do not get in someone’s car when you first meet

Confirming or cancelling a meeting

We all get busy but please remember that some people may have more time on their hands, so please try to avoid cancelling your meeting as this may be the main ‘activity’ for that person today.

No-one likes to let someone down, but sometimes things happen e.g. you may oversleep, get the wrong bus or underestimate how long the journey is. We suggest always sending a message via the platform to check you are still meeting before you leave home and to confirm where and when you are meeting.

People’s lives can be chaotic and are often dictated by official appointments or work commitments. If a plan falls through tell them not to worry and help them to make another. However please do respect people if they choose not to meet up.

Support Links

As a member of TimePeace it is not your responsibility to solve other people’s problems.

Please use our list of support services below to direct people to expert advice.







This list was last updated on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. If you notice an error please contact the team at .